Vessel detail id: A190

For Charter

US$ 175,000


Id: A190
Categories: Dredger
Class: none
Length: 11.50 Meters
Breadth: 4.80 Meters
Depth: 1.00 Meters
Net Tonnage: 22
Gross Tonnage: None
Deadweight: None


Country Built: Russian Federation
Condition: New
Sale: Yes Charter: No

For sale: Design ZGMD 400/20 diesel-electric dredge

Main characteristics:

Purpose: recovery of I-IV grade soils
Dredge type diesel-electric
Dredge make GrAU 400/20-V-UHLCH
Suction-tube position submersible, on the soil-suction frame
Dredged soil productivity up to 50 m3/h
Water productivity up to 400 m3/h
Feed pressure column 20 m
Horizontal transportation via pipeline (water level) up to 500 m
Dredged soil depth up to 5,5 m
Soil agitator type milling
Middle drought 0,6 m
Working power 88 kW
Diesel-generator power 100 kW
Calculated dredge weight 22 t
Fuel capacity 2 m3

The dredge is intended for underwater soil recovery, dredging and cleaning of small water basins and rivers, pulp transportsation through pipelines to destination place.

Dredge build-up
The dredge hull is a catamaran made of two pontoons.
The pontoons are bridged by a pontoon frame in the stern and a portal in the bow.
The frame contains a fuel tank inside.
Hull dimensions:
- length - 11,52 m
- beam - 4,8 m
- freeboard - 1,0 m
- frame space - 0,55 m

The dredge is dismountable, all dismounted parts can be transported by motor transport and railway.
The dredge can be assembled/disasembled by two technicians with a crane within 1 day.
Soil agitation type - milling.
The dredge is moved by means of ropes and piles using winches.
Dredged soils - abrasive hydromixtures with pH from 6 to 8, density up to 1600 kg/m3, temperatures from 5 to 70oC, with hard inclusions up to 30%, average particle sizes up to 6 mm, max particle size up to 85 mm.
Mechanism control system:
- diesel-generator - from first stage automation control panel;
- electric drive - centralized from control deck house.

Main parts of the dredge:
- hull;
- soil suction frame, containing soil-collection device, suction-tube with drive, milling soil agitator with drive;
- technical water supply system;
- frame lifting device;
- winches;
- dredge control deck house;
- diesel-generator under the superstructure;
- energy equipment set;
- suction and feeding pipelines;
- floating rubber-fabric pipeline;
- fuel tank.



ADDED: March 4, 2009 MODIFIED: March 4, 2009