Vessel detail id: A335

For Charter

US$ 50,000,000


Id: A335
Categories: Military Ship
Class: Class - DNV
Length: 83.00 Meters
Breadth: 12.00 Meters
Depth: 3.69 Meters
Net Tonnage: 1600
Gross Tonnage: None
Deadweight: None


Country Built: Portugal
Condition: Under Construction
Sale: Yes Charter: No

To patrol, watch and control, in the exercise of the State Maritime Authority, the coastal and oceanic waters of national jurisdiction.

Support, protect and control the economic, scientific and cultural activities connected to the sea, the seabed and the marine subsoil.

Execute, singly or integrated in coordinated actions, operations of assistance to people and crafts in danger, in the scope of Sea Research and Rescue.

Execute operations of help and assistance, particularly in collaboration with the Civil Protection National Service, in case of catastrophe, calamity or accident.

Collaborate with the civil authorities in the satisfaction of the population basic needs and in the improvement of its life quality.

Collaborate in the environment protection, namely in the marine pollution fight and prevention.

length Overall
83.10 m

Length in water line
76.80 m

Depth to main deck
6.90 m

Depth to castle deck
9.60 m

Beam at water line
12.26 m

Maximum beam
12.95 m

Scantling Depth
3.69 m

1600 t

Maximum stable speed
20 knots

Accomodation (nº of Cabins)

Complement (officers, petty officers and sailors)
35 persons

Extra accommodation
32 persons

Fuel - 5000 miles in 14 days at 15 knots

Potable water : 30 days

2 x 3900 KW Diesel engines at 1000 r.p.m.

2 x 200 KW propulsion electric motor (low speed) at 1000 r.p.m.

propeller - 2 x Ø 2550 mm- 5 blades - variable pitch

Electric power production
4 x 362 kW diesel generator sets

Command and Surveillance system
Information Integration System

Integrated platform management system

Integrated Navigation System

Integrated communication system
MF/HF/VHF/UHF, , including satellite terminal

Rescue, transport and patrol means
2 semi-rigid boats

2 small botes

Guns / Weapons

otomelara ws 30mm


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