Vessel detail id: A101

For Charter

US$ 1,000,000


Id: A101
Categories: Tug
Class: none
Length: 178.00 Feet
Breadth: 40.20 Feet
Depth: 10.00 Feet
Net Tonnage: 0
Gross Tonnage: 0
Deadweight: 0


Country Built: None
Condition: Moderate
Sale: Yes Charter: No

This 4,500 HP ocean going tugboat has been well maintained through its life. It has plenty of power for the most difficult towing challenge with tremendous range and 50 ton Bollard Pull winch. If you are in the market for this size tugboat, you should consider this one. It needs some work before going to sea. It also has been stripped of all spares. Contact us and we will help you.
TOTAL 4,500 HP
Hydraulic Pump
Towing Winch
This tug is made
for ocean crossings
with the power and
range for any tow.
Rooms to Accomodate
Draught: 16.2
Free Speed: 14.9 Knots
Range: 12,500 at 12Knots
Where Built: C.D. HOLMES
Type: R Class Ocean
Gross Registered Tons: 1037
Net R. Tons: 287.8
Main Engines: 2 - LISBLAC KAR6 MAJOR 2,250 BKP @ 50R.P.M.TOTAL 4,500 HP
Propeller: 2 STOMAN CPP
Bollard Pull: 50 TON WORN TEST 2 x DRYS 160 T/H 2 x WEIR 4.7 T/H
Fuel Storage: 457 Tons
Fresh Water: 194.3 Tons
Generators: 3 x pax 8rphc2 1,200 rpm 440v/3/60
Towing Winch: 50 TON WORN TEST
Winch/Capstan: RWT 12/5T RWT 5.2T
Other Winches: 2 x DRYS 160 T/H 2 x WEIR 4.7 T/H
Windlass: RWT 7.3 Ton
Derrick/Crane: Tubular Steel 7.8 Ton
Radar: DECCA AC 1226
Satellite Navigation: Satcom
Compass: Arma Brown MK12
Echo Sounder: 771 AA
Radios: Sealand 66 VHF
Other Electronics: Red 3 Fax Warden 3
Rooms to Accomodate: 27 Officers/Ratings 28 Passengers


ADDED: Dec. 5, 2008 MODIFIED: Dec. 5, 2008